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When you join the BBN you instantly receive a team of sales professionals promoting your business. You will increase your business through networking, expand your sales force and gain expertise from seasoned business professionals. 


Join us for two breakfast meetings to see what we are all about before making a decision. We meet every Tuesday at 7 am at the Barley Mow, in Brockville. Contact a BBN representative for an invitation by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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Networking with a difference

The Brockville Business Network is a local networking group with a difference. It is the only group in the Brockville area that provides exclusivity to its members while offering sincere business support.

As a member of the Brockville Business Network, you can increase your business through networking, expand your sales force and gain expertise from seasoned business professionals.

BBN is also different in that it leaves the majority of the membership fees in the local chapter rather than sending them off to a regional or international office. Our group is then able to use these funds for promoting the group and its members or for several humanitarian & community-based charitable ventures.

The purpose of the Brockville Business Network (BBN) is to promote freely, openly and unconditionally the health and vitality of each member's respective business; and in doing so add viable options, quality, and value to the consumer.  Its operational principles of integrity, honesty, and fairness equally underscore its relationships with customers, the public, and the marketplace as a whole.  To the City of Brockville the BBN proudly embraces a foundational code: ambassadors to a city it calls home.

The Business Building Begins at Breakfast

The Brockville Business Network (BBN) is a group of Brockville professionals who own and operate independent enterprises across a series of business categories.  Its objective: to promote and enhance the growth and vitality of one another's business.  To this end each member strives to gain as much knowledge of both the member and his or her business via regular weekly meetings, and makes themselves available for advice, mentoring, and support should another member require assistance with a business or personal issue.  Moreover, each member takes pride in adhering to the respected and valued principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness - not only in the operation of their businesses, but in their relationship with each member.